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Steve Haworth, Lukas Zpira & Samppa Von Cyborg appearing in NYC March 18-20 [02 Mar 2011|09:04am]

A unique opportunity to see three of the leading body modification artists in the industry. A unique format with all three presenting a seminar on three topics, each of which will be demonstrated.

Friday: Laser Branding, Scarification and Tongue Splitting
Saturday: Suspension, Flesh Stapling and Magnetic Implants.

Saturday night Steve, Lukas and Samppa will be appearing at the STIMULATE party and performing. Conference attendees will get half off their admission.

Sunday is reserved for body modification appointments.

More info & registration here: C-Y-B.org
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[23 May 2009|04:36pm]

Ok so its been a while as I have not been taking pics lately BUT I thought I would should you the beginings of my new half sleeve.

[x]posted everywhere so enjoy :P

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dermal! [07 Jan 2009|11:26pm]

Got my first dermal anchor (microdermal) on Tuesday. It was quite the experience and the adrenaline was apparently too much to handle so I ended up nearly passing out even though I wasn't scared at all. Half a bottle of powerade later I was fine and ready to go. I'm very happy with it : ) From Infinate in Philadelphia

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Cheek piercings. [21 Sep 2008|08:39pm]

Hi..I got my cheeks pierced about a month ago and I had quite the first few weeks..but after getting my barbells and balls switched to larger ones to accomodate the swelling, things seem to be moving along nicely. I can't feel them unless they accidentally get caught on something or hit by something(lately my cats really wanna step on my face!)...

anyway, i live about an hour from my piercer or i'd just go to him and ask but since all of the initial swelling has gone down could i possibly switch out the large balls i have now for smaller ones? my piercer gave me a few smaller sizes i'm just worried that there's still a possibility that they could swell and the ball could slip into my face(i had a horrible experience last fall with some metal getting stuck in my face! ouch!)...

To anyone else who has your cheeks pierced, how long before the crusties stop? My redness has completely gone away and i think the swelling is completely gone...I've heard it takes 3-6 months to really heal cheek piercings to the point that you can wear whatever jewelry, etc...possibly even longer...what were your experiences??

Also, should i still be using salt water?? I've been pretty religious about doing it for the last month and i'm wondering if i should keep it up..sorry if these questions are long and repetetive...i just want to be sure that i take the best care that i can!

here's a photo, it's the only one i have that's kinda close up of my fache..this was a few weeks ago when my cheeks were still pretty freakin swollen!

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[11 Sep 2008|11:43pm]

So I said i would post pics when it was done..

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[09 Sep 2008|03:35pm]

Repiercing a VCH... is this possible?

I had a piercer tell me that there'd be too much scar tissue and there'd be the risk of losing sensation down there.

Thanks in advance!

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x-posted. help a sister out! [04 Sep 2008|09:45pm]

So, I got my cheeks pierced last friday. At the time they didn't hurt much, considering I had just gotten my wisdom teeth out the previous tuesday and therefore have been hopped up on pain pills since..

The last few days the pain in my cheeks has been so intense that it keeps me up at night. It continues throbbing all day and they are EXTEMELY swollen. Like chipmunk cheeks. One side's ball completely gets engulfed by my face because the swelling is so much. If I push on the backing on the inside of my mouth the ball resurfaces, so I don't have a fear that it will get stuck in there, but I am wondering how normal it is?

How swollen is it supposed to get, and for how long? I've been taking every procaution, not eating hard, spicy food...using sea saltwater to get the germs and booger stuff off the outside and rinsing with non-alcoholic mouthwash (bio-tine) at least 3 times a day and also everytime that I smoke, which I've been doing minimally(im a pack a day kinda girl and it's been more like 4 a day!)...

what was your experience like with cheeks? do i possibly need longer barbells for the healing?? that's my only thought as to what may make the pain less intense?

anything else i could be doing to help along the healing??

this is by far the most painful thing i've ever been through, much worse than getting tattooed in even the most painful places! and together with the wisdom teeth pain, im miserable!
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[03 Sep 2008|09:40pm]

I was wondering if you all could help me out.
I got a vertical labret piercing yesterday. Today its very very bruised, around the ball at the bottom of my lip and at the top, more so the top though, and light brusing in the center of my bottom lip. Its not so much sore or really red besides the bruising but i don't want to rule out that its rejecting just yet. My lip feels a little bit harder than usual as well. I did not bleed during the piercing at all, so maybe that has something to do with it? I'm just wondering if i should be worried, if this is normal, and essentially what i should really do.

also, i've never had a piercing before, so i don't really know what to expect.

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staticdino [31 Aug 2008|07:33pm]

sorry guys. had to do this tho you should join.
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Septum [30 Aug 2008|04:40pm]

so i just got this done a few days ago...and omg did it hurt..lol...well not really im lying...at first the piercer lost the hole while attempting to push the ring thru and ended up repiercing me three times trying to find the hole then finally got the ring thru but then it was crooked so she took it out and redid it lol...my fun piercing days lol HOWEVER i must say it didnt really hurt...its just extremely sore.
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[29 Aug 2008|05:22pm]

So I got my half sleeve started a few weeks ago. Thought Id post pics.
It will be finished september 10th :)

Im in love with her ^_^
[x] posted everywhere
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[26 Aug 2008|12:17am]

This could be a dumb question, but please bear with me!
I'm very new to this. I just started gauging my earlobes and I don't think I'm going to go too far with it, but maybe up (down?) to a 10 or 12g. I've had this piercing since I was in 8th grade, so they're plenty healed at 18g. Right now I've only started with a 16g. I've had them in for about a week and have some 14gs ready to go. How long should I keep the 16s in? I can't get in the 14s yet. What can I do to make it go faster? Thanks!
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septum [21 May 2008|08:16am]

 i lost my septum retainer in my sleep last night.  
Need one relatively small. 
10g or 12g 
help please!!?!?  
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Tattoo shop help. [02 May 2008|06:09pm]
I need some help. I live in the Macomb County area of Michigan. For my 17th birthday my dad's going to take me to get a tattoo. The only problem is, when we called the place I went to get my lip pierced ((Eternal Tattoos in Eastpoint)), they said they wouldn't touch anyone under 18 - parental consent or not. So I need to find another place that's clean and everything, and fast ((we want to get it done Monday or Tuesday or else it's going to have to wait until the 21st)). So does anyone know of any places? Any and all help is appreciated♥
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[27 Apr 2008|01:08am]

Still Alive.
Sorry I post so little, life is hectic right now.
Leaving in 4 days for Toronto.
Killswitch Engage. Ministry. Life is good.
A few pics taken tonight.
My ears are now 7'16" and soon to be half an inch :)
and my poor lip has finally healed from all the trauma I put it through with 4 piercings at one time

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[03 Mar 2008|10:39am]

I got a tattoo about 5 days ago and it looks great except the yellow pigment. Where the yellow is is slightly pink and instead of the color being smooth it is little round clumps. It feels like there is no dry skin or extra ink on it when I touch it. This is making me nervous. Did I have some sort of reaction to the yellow? If so is there anyway to use white to blend it together. It looks ridiculous at this point. I won't get to see Dane until Thursday.
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Piercing Question [28 Feb 2008|02:54pm]

Quick question for those of you out there that read such things. Putting it behind a cut to spare those of you at work.

Question and BackgroundCollapse )

Help appreciated.
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[09 Feb 2008|03:30am]

I had my lip pierced 12 years ago and had it redone last night by a friend because it was off center and too far down. The old hole will close right? Any guesses on how long?
Thanks. :)
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help with a design [08 Feb 2008|07:47pm]


I've been drawing for 6hrs and i'm still not happy with the ways i've come up with to add to this:

What I could add onto, around and so forth to create a decent half (to possibly) full sleeve with this existing tattoo.
SI VOUS PLAIS Help moi!?

xposted xox

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REJECTED PIERCINGS...+ your opinion [28 Jan 2008|08:08pm]

im REALLY confused about piercing rejections..and ive been told a lot about them 'popping out'..
SO, i need some help :)

4 days ago, i had my surface tragus pierced - THEN i became paranoid..
I need someone to give me a good, SIMPLE explanation of rejected piercings - and the signs.

Ive taken the time to actually google them but they came up with complicated and RIDICULOUS answers (being rejected by a sports team has nothing to do with a piercing ¬_____¬ )

If you have any, add some pics of rejected piercings too? Again, google doesnt help very much and ive tried bmezine, ask.com, photobucket, etc..

i hope my lj cut works...

thank you ^_____^
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